PU trommel screen mesh

Polyurethane trommel screen mats are panels made of mixed materials, such as TDI, MDI, and steel frames embeded in to ensure the wear-resistancy, as the coat of the trommel screen (sometimes referred to as rotary screen) . There are various customized polyurethane colors, such as red, orange, green, yellow, white and black.

Performance features:
1.Fine wear resistance and long service life.
2.Interlocking fixation for easy installation and fixation.
4.Anti-corrosion, non-flammable, nontoxic and tasteless.
5.High screening efficiency and low percentage of plugged hole.
6.Fine vibration absorption performance with lower noise emission.

Main applications:
Polyurethane screen panels for trommel screens are ideal for the purposes of washing, screening, grading of medium grained objects, as the essential parts of all kinds of mainstream trommel screens. In addition, the application fields are very broad,such as ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy (iron ore, manganese ore, lead zinc ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke, and other raw materials), coal chemicals, building material, abrasive waste disposal, quarries, etc. 
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