Why purchase Henstar products?


►Offering a Full Range of Products

Metal, polyurethane and rubber screen mats for different kinds of vibrating screen and rotary screen are available.

►Massive Open Area and Excellent Screenning Efficiency

The newly designed and patented Henstar products offer the largest open area and highest screening efficiency.

Long Service Life

Henstar products are mostly made of special material compounds to ensure exceptional wear characteristics in any application scenarios whether the Sieving objects are wet or dry.

Easy Installation and Quick Maintenance

Henstar products are much easier to manitain, install and remove.

Flat Screening Surface

Henstar products provide a flat working surface, which results in an even distribution of material as opposed to an uneven sieving surface, to ensure that the material can pass through the screen smoothly and increase the screening efficiency at the meanwhile.

Low Noise Emission

Henstar's polyurethane and rubber  products are of fine vibration absorption performance so as to  reduce the noise emission to create a better working environment.
Experienced Team
Henstar team has been supplying the global market with prime quality products for over twenty years


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