Belt conveyor parts
Conveyor roller
The rollers of a belt coveyor are the important parts of the whole conveyor. Even though they generally account for arrount 35% of the total cost of a belt conveyor,  more than 70% of the resistance that the conveyor faces is sustained by them. So the importance of the choosing of rollers cannot be too much overemphasized.

Henstar has provided customized or standardized rollers of first class quality for the conveying application in mining, building, food processing, express delivery industry, chemical industry and metallurgy for decades. The materials we use are mostly medium carbon steel, stainless steel, ruber and PU. Moreover, there are many kinds of rollers, including taper roller, ovenproof roller, wear-resistant roller, heat-shrinkable roller, anticorrosive roller and noise-absorbing roller, for you to choose.