Belt conveyor parts
Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt is a continuously moving band, made of fabric, rubber, metal, or mixed materials, used for transporting objects from one place to another. There is no other room left for you for compromise, when you are facing the choice of conveyor belt. Since conveyor belt is the carrying medium of your belt conveyor system and the key to its profitability. Henstar supplys you with first-class conveyor belts, which are engineered from the materials of prime quality and designed for high efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Henstar offers two frequently-used solutions for you:
A   Fabric conveyor belts
Fabric conveyor belts, which are also called textile conveyor belts often, are ideal for the conveying of abrasive materials both in industry and agriculture. They are a much better choice when it comes to a shorter conveying distance or a lower capacitiy. 
B  Steelcord conveyor belts
Steelcord conveyor belts are of excellent wear-resistancy and ideal for heavy loads and physically demanding applications. They are the smarter choice when it comes to a longer conveying distance or a larger capacitiy of abrasive materials, especially suitable for high-mass or high-volume flows .

7.Pulp and Paper 
8.Ports and Terminals 
9.Rail and Truck Shipping
10.Smelters and Foundries 
11.Coal-Fired Power Plants
12.Coal Mining and Processing
13.Recycling and Waste Disposal